I’m a simple man, with a few interests. Saved by the grace of God, and hopefully impacting others for good. (And when I fail at that, I hope they forgive me.) I enjoy Bible Study Fellowship because I believe that learning more about my God who created everything is a good thing. If you have any questions, I may not have an answer, but I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

I have a lovely wife and soulmate who is a far better person than I’ll ever be. I think God lets us marry above ourselves so we can have a mark we can clearly see to try to reach for. God has blessed me with an amazing daughter. Sometimes, I’m hard on her, but I am so proud of the person that she is. She is beautiful, and talented, and very smart. You can see how blessed I am.

I like woodworking and making things with my hands. Sometimes they turn out ok. At the moment, I’ve been making a few pens, and I’m learning about segmented pens. Fun stuff! I also like computers and programming, and T-SQL. To be honest about it, I think I like to solve problems that people have, and often a computer website, or database is a good way to do that. I also am learning a little about electrical projects, and last year, I built an automated Chicken house door. That was fun, so sometimes I dig around in the electronics box and come up with something.